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Get to Know Us

Oil Me Crazii thrives on the potency of natural healing. Our goal is to educate our consumers on the benefits of essential oils and give alternative solutions to keeping the mind, body, and spirit holistically aligned. Established in December 2018, our mission has been to liberate minds by proving that our method of combining natural elements with positive energy is the most efficient, natural way of achieving the desired state of harmony, balance, and healing of “self”.

Oil Me Crazii - Infused Essential Oil Diffuser

The Crazii Oil Lady

Meet Kortney, the lady behind the magic: Kortney's passion for essential oils came about in 2014. Dealing with persistent headaches, she made the decision to decrease the use of over the counter medication in favor of a more natural remedy…sleep! However, being in the middle of one particular shift at work, sleep was not an option. A co-worker came to her rescue by offering peppermint oil in lieu of general pain meds. The peppermint oil worked! Not only did her headache dissipate, she was able to complete the shift with more energy and vigor than what she had before. From that point forward, Kortney’s love and passion of essential oils continued to grow. Over the years, she’s not only explored the power of individual oil uses, she’s also discovered countless oil combinations for natural healing remedies. The benefits of essential oils peeked her interest so much that her friends thought she was going oil crazy. Her tag line instantly became: "There's an oil for that!" While Kortney never thought she would be educating others on the wonderful benefits of essential oils, her passion and eagerness to develop her knowledge organically led her in that direction. Her sole purpose is now providing essential oils to consumers as alternatives means of aligning the mind, body, and spirit.

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