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Frequently Asked Questions

We love hearing from our customers and providing 100% customer satisfactions.

Here are some questions you may have that other customers have asked.

Why Oil Me Crazii?

Our goal is to educate our consumers on the benefits of essential oils and give alternative solutions to keeping the mind, body, and spirit holistically aligned, and because all of our products are natural and made with love. 

How often should I apply the blends?

To be most effective, apply less more often.

Are these products safe for sensitive skin?

Although sensitivity reactions are rare, if you are concerned conduct a simple skin test before beginning topical use of new essential oil blend or oil. Apply a little and monitor skin over the course of a few hours for a reaction.

Where should I apply the oils?

Each blend can be applied to most parts of the body. Be sure to keep away from your eyes, mouth, and other sensitive areas of the body. For the best results, apply to the bottom of the feet, back of neck, wrist, temples, spine, chest or belly.

Can I return an item?

To ensure safety and protect our customers, All sales are final.

Are the oils used to create the blends 100% pure?

All oils used to create the blends  as well as all of our homemade essentials are 100% pure and authentic and do not contain any added fillers or harmful contaminant.

Does diluting the oils change the efficacy of the oil?

No, it just allows you to use less oil per application.

How long does shipping usually take?

All shipping is issued through USPS and includes tracking. Orders will be processed and shipped within 7-business days.  *Excluding weekends and holidays

What is the difference between the Synergy Roll-On Blend and the Synergy Blend?

The roller blends are for topical use and are easier to use on the go. The Blend can be used topically as well, but is best when diffused for a stimulating aromatic experience. 

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