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How Fast Do Your Oils Work?

A feeling that changed my life forever...

It was a gloomy day in 2014, I was in the middle of placing brackets on my patient's teeth who was SUPER EXCITED about getting braces and I was trying so hard to be as enthused. I had to step away because a headache came over me like a thief in the night. I walked in the doctors office and stretched out on the couch for a second hoping the headache would go away, but the tension seemed to only get worse. Laying there with my eyes closed, I began to pray “God PLEASE take this headache away.” I guess I was in there longer than expected and my coworkers began to worry. I remember hearing Jen walk by the door and ask, “Kortney are you okay?” I mumbled, “I sure hope so; can you turn off the lights?” Shortly after she turned the lights off Dr. K walked in to a pleasant surprise, an assistant laid out on his couch in the dark. He flipped the lights on and asked if I was going to be okay. I told him I had the worse headache a person could have. He asked me if I had taken something for it. I told him my remedy for headaches was sleep (which was nearly impossible being that I was in the middle of a procedure ) and that I didn’t take meds. He told me to follow him, I slowly sat up from the couch and followed him. I didn’t know this walk with him would change my life FOREVER, but it did!!

He introduced me to one of his assistants and told her I had a headache. She reached into her belongings and pulled out “Liquid Gold“ She told me to rub it along my temples. Literally, after 5 mins of applying the ”Liquid Gold” my headache was completely GONE and a burst of energy came over me out of nowhere. I was both surprised and grateful at the same time! God answered my prayers! Oh and I’m sure you’re all wondering about the patient 😂.... thankfully we get 60 mins to place brackets and go over instructions. I got her finished up and I was able to reciprocate her excitement ☺️💪🏾 It was a win for everyone.

Tell me about your first experience with essential oils? Did you like them? Do you still use them?

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